Relais Desserts 

Guardians of Haute Patisserie

There are approximately a hundred who are the chosen. They are reponsible for keeping excellence, rigor and good practices within the craft. But they are also a sourse of creativity, trends, vanguard, and the future.




目前有大約一百個成員在這協會裡.在他們的作品裡要保持完美,嚴謹,和多次的磨練. 這也是他們的創意,潮流,前衛,和未來的來源.


They meet twice a year in spring and autumn. Attendance is mandatory. And it is not enough to just be in attendance. They have to work, contribute ideas, techniques, discoveries, and ultimately, share their own experiences with others, defending the foundation of the trade inside and outside home. There are the obligations required for membership in the association. The advantages are incalculable. First, the beneficial possibilities that come from ongoing professinal exchange with the best. Secondly, access to new products that the market presents members even before its commercial release. And thirdly, the pride of belonging to the most exclusive and distinguished international association of pastry chefs in the world and be one of the guarantors of haute patisserie worldwide.


成員們每年必須出席兩次會議。光是出席還不夠。他們必須要他們必須要分享自己的技術,想法,新發現,和自己的經驗給其他成員們, 維持開放交換想法的平台。 必須要遵守一些義務。 好處是無法衡量。第一,有機會能夠跟有機會能夠跟世界頂尖的甜點師交換心得。第二, 得知市面上公佈前的新產物。第三, 作為世界上最頂尖的甜點大師協會們的榮耀和作為世界頂尖甜點的保證人




The autumn seminar bring them together every year in the small but charming town of Yssingeaux, in the Auvergne region, department of Haute-Loire. However, it is not the beauty of this town the reason why they hold the meeting there, but because the famed Ecole National Superiere Patisserie (ENSP) is located there and serves as operational headquarters for the association. For added solemnity and distinction, the school can be found in the interior of the imposing Montbarnier castle since it was founded in 1983.


每年秋天都會把成員們會聚集在奧弗涅省裡的伊桑若鎮. 不是因為這座城鎮的美觀,實是因為實是因為這邊有間著名的國際甜點學校(ENSP), 他們也作為這個協會的營運總部。 自從1983年為了加以區別和鄭重,學校在莫巴尼爾城堡裡面建立.


※為保障國際著作權,本文章僅作交流推廣之用,請勿擅自拷貝、複製、列印等,禁止任何商業用途,歡迎連同原網址轉發,若喜歡本文請購買 [So good the magazine of haute patisserie 第十五期, 一月 2016年 301,303頁]

Attending a Relais Desserts seminar has is a very special meaning for a professional magazine specialized in pastry such as so good..It is like stepped into the epicenter of the sector and witnessing the world's largest concertration of pastry talent. It is a private meeting, behind closed doors, without cameras and flashes, and therefore with no ostentation or egos. Only work and willingness to share their discoveries with others.


能夠參加這次秋天會議對So good雜誌是非常特別有意義. 這就像是踏入其中而看到世界甜點界的佼佼者. 這項會議是完全隱私,在門裡面不能有相機,閃光燈, 在沒有自大或驕傲下,只有工作和分享自己的新發現給他人


The association used this fall seminar to welcome three new members. Hideki Kawamura from Japan, and French pastry chef, Jean Michel Raynaud (Sidney) and Jermoe De Oliveira (Cannes). Three new professionals arriving with the enthusiasm to learn, but also to contribute, which ultimately means a natural renewal of the association itself and its survival for the future.




該協會要利用這次的機會來歡迎三位新加入的成員分別是來自日本的“川村英樹” ,雪梨的法廚 “尚米歇爾 雷諾” 和法國的 “杰羅姆 德奧利維拉”。這三位心血帶著熱情來學習,也來分享他們的經驗。 這也意味這新時代的到來。


During our stay at the Seminar we asked the person who is probably the best know and respected pastry chef worldwide, Pierre Herme, what membership in Relais Desserts gave him. And he highlight three things: good friends, technical information and technology, and what surprised us coming from him, the ability to evaluate themselves in comparison to others.


在我們停留的這段期間我們訪問一人,他大概是世界上最知名和受人尊敬的甜點師,皮埃爾 艾爾梅。這個協會帶給他什麼。他指出三項重點,好朋友,技術交流,科技, 而我們從他那裡得到驚喜, 評比自己和他人的能力。


When and why did you decide to join Relais Desserts?

I believe I became a Relais Desserts member in 1992. A long time ago. For me, it has always been the only real connection with the profession. It is a place for gathering and exchange that for me has become essential.





What benefits do you get from being a member in the association?

First, friends[laughs]. The most important thing is that we are enriched by sharing. There are ideas, sketches.... and working in the field of technology, there's really interesting things, discoveries... For example, in today's talk on pralines there were things I already knew, and there were things that interest me and I will work on, I will put my team to work when I return to Paris.



第一,朋友[笑]。最重要的是豐富的分享. 有很多的想法,草圖, 科技,有很多有趣的東西. 拿個例子來講,今天講杏仁糖,有一部分我已經知道了,但有一部分勾起了我的興趣,等我回巴黎後我會跟我的團隊一起探討。


How does Relais Desserts impact the evolution of patisserie?

Actually, in the statutes of Relais Desserts, there is something we call "permanent questioning", and I think it is very importany. It means judging yourself; put into questioning what each of us does in terms of what others are doing. This start-standing permanent questioning is what makes all of us evolve in our craft. 



事實上在協會裡面有個東西叫 “永久質疑” 我覺得這是非常重要的。意思是檢視自己; 把問題放在我們每個人在做什麼。 這“永久質疑”就是影響我們所發展的東西


What aspects do you think could be improved in the association?

Since it's a nonprofit association with members, sometimes it's difficult to have everyone working at the same pace, it is something that everyone should be aware of. And also, perhaps, more computerized communication between us, because it is still done in a very archaic way. Some are very well equipped and very up to date, and others not so much. I think they could improve communication and work depth on certain techonological and technical aspects. 



由於我們是非盈利組織,有時候讓所有人一起跟進是有難度的. 這是大家需要小心的地方。而且還有,也許我們需要更多的電腦交流因為我們還是用非常傳統的方法。 有些人有必較先進的儀器可是有些人沒有.我想他們可以從社交然後再往科技方面走。


※為保障國際著作權,本文章僅作交流推廣之用,請勿擅自拷貝、複製、列印等,禁止任何商業用途,歡迎連同原網址轉發,若喜歡本文請購買 [So good the magazine of haute patisserie 第十五期, 一月 2016年 301,303頁]



























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